60 Years of Division
Palestinian memory cannot be erased
Bush endorses Israeli bid to enforce forgetfulness on Palestinians, analyst says.
Last Modified: 11 Jul 2008 22:15 GMT
Palestinian activists leave their mark on Israel's 'security wall'.
Linda Haddad in Ram
Controversial Israeli historian accuses the Jewish state of ethnic cleansing.
Ilan Pappe
Analysts discuss the route to a breakthrough and the obstacles along the way.
Muslims, Jews and Christians share their thoughts on the 60-year-old conflict.
Linda Haddad in Jerusalem
A 90-year-old Palestinian holds on to the dream of his home and village long lost.
Casey Kauffman in south Lebanon
From leaving Austria to arriving in Israel, one refugee traces 70 years of history.
Jacky Rowland
Al Jazeera's Linda Haddad reflects on two peoples divided by 60 years of history.
Linda Haddad
Far from the Middle East, two communities mark 1948 in different ways.
Tania Tabar in Toronto, Canada
Sixty years on, Israelis reflect on the creation of their state.
A Palestinian town is a testament to where Arab and Jewish societies collided.
David Chater in Jerusalem
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