Science & Technology

Travel at the speed of light to the galaxy next door, or maybe learn a little closer to home by examining the intricate workings of the human mind. Big or small, near or far, intuitive or just plain bizarre, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel will introduce the viewer to ideas and concepts about today's fast-paced and highly-complex modern world. We will look how it works, how it effects our everyday lives and how we can use it to improve what we do. It is educational, it is useful but more importantly it is also entertaining.

Starting January 01, 2008, every Tuesday (GMT - 19:00, Makkah - 22:00)

Traveller's Ticket

Life is an adventure and discovering new things adds more thrill to life. Come with us on this wonderful journey exploring new horizons and exotic places that you have only heard of. If you are an avid traveller than this is your chance to take this ticket and make your dreams come true. Be a globe-trotter with Traveller's Ticket.

Starting January 02, 2008, every Wednesday (GMT - 18:00, Makkah - 21:00)

People & Politics

Going behind the headlines and beyond the analysis and spin, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel focuses on how events shape communities, impact families and, ultimately, how they affect the people who have to deal with the consequences. In Al Jazeera's long tradition of tackling the taboo topics of the Arab world, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel will broadcast documentaries that are guaranteed to stimulate dialogue, debate and controversy. More importantly, they will introduce an emotional dimension and a human element to today's laser-fast sound bites and news clips. Thought-provoking and compelling Al Jazeera Documentary Channel will investigate and reveal what is really going on in your region and in your world.

Starting January 03, 2008, every Thursday (GMT - 18:00, Makkah - 21:00)

Social Scene

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel also focuses on humanity issues, human rights, minorities, national independence questions, political, social, and economic reforms in addition to the other Arabic viewers interests all over the world. We believe that it is our social responsibility in reaching out to our audiences in which ever way we can.

Starting January 04, 2008, every Friday (GMT - 18:00, Makkah - 21:00)

Environment Watch

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel believes in presenting the other side of reality, the side that transcends the false world and its issues. The topics relating to environment, pollution, etc. that are now more global and need immediate attention. Documentaries that dig deep into the heart of the problem and create an awareness for the audience. With a truly informative and educational approach driven by hope and the broader human horizon we focuse on issues that are usually marginalised and ignored.

Starting January 05, 2008, every Saturday (GMT - 18:00, Makkah - 21:00)

Our World

From the deepest part of the ocean to the highest peak in the skies, from the freezing point in Antartica to the scorching heat of the desert, from the dense smoke of pollution to the beautiful flora and fauna. Discover these hidden treasures OUR WORLD.

A weekly one hour special on varied subjects related to the environment, weather, nature and wildlife. These breathtaking documentaries will amaze you with how beautiful Our World is. A must watch for all.

Starting January 06, 2008, every Sunday (GMT - 18:00, Makkah - 21:00)

History Speaks

Some people engraved their names in the books of history, some events changed the fate of history, some civilizations lost their identity and left no trace in history - all that can be done now is to speak about them. Hard-hitting documentaries that reveal past civilizations and archaeological findings bring to light revolutionary events by great personalities and feature high quality docu-dramas.

History Speaks ... a special tribute to history!

Starting January 07, 2008, every Monday (GMT - 19:00, Makkah - 22:00)