Award-winning and popular, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel searches the world for the best documentaries available.

These films provide the Arabic-speaking communities around the world a unique, diverse and rich perspective on "Southern" issues – stories from the Southern Hemisphere which are sometimes overlooked by the Western media. 

Our documentaries highlight knowledge, cultural understanding, religious tolerance, concern for the environment and human experience.

We've created a dynamic schedule which combines these films into several key weekly time slots in order to be easy-to-find and easy-to-watch.  Please check our weekly schedule for the following programmes: 


Every week, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel will show premium Arab Exclusives; the first time this documentary has been broadcast in the Middle East and North Africa.  

Arabic Eye: 

We will focus on acquiring films produced by Arabs both from the region and abroad.  These films will share their experiences and their perspective on what is going on in this dynamic part of the world.


In the tradition of Al Jazeera Satellite Channel, the Documentary Channel will tackle topics long considered taboo in the region.  We have no red lines!

Golden Movies:  

We will broadcast award-winning documentaries from the Arab World and around the globe.  Al Jazeera Documentary Channel will have the best in the world.