Al Jazeera Documentary channel is celebrating its first anniversary.

The channel was launched on January 1, 2007 from its headquarters in Doha. After overcoming all obstacles and challenges, this January, we celebrate our 1st anniversary with great pride. It has been quite a journey! 

Sticking by its commitments and being totally focused on its mission, Al Jazeera Documentary channel managed to deliver all that it hoped for. Over the last 12 months the channel has gradually emerged to become the leader in its field by promoting the documentary culture, particular attention being paid to the Middle East with a special focus on the cultural diversity of its societies. The films were a combination of innovative ideas, unique experiences and compelling images that explored subjects and left an impact on our audience's lives, their families and their communities.

Believing that 'behind every picture there is a story', we managed to bring that story to our audiences. Besides the electic mix of programming, the entire packaging, promotions and presentation of the channel showcased its diverse flavours, style, richness, magic and beauty. Today, Al Jazeera Documentary channel has indeed created a name and space within the vast cluster of channels. We are proud to say that it has become a household name and is saved as a favourite channel on most of our audiences remote control.

Looking ahead to 2008, the task gets tougher and more challenging. Having set a standard, now it is more important that we both continue to inform and entertain our viewer and it is essential that our programming does more. This year the focus will be on high budget docu-dramas, environment-related subjects as well as social issues which have become a matter of great concern in educating our audiences. Because not only do our films inform or entertain, they also educate, enlighten and inspire.
In addition, our aim is to impart something new to the viewer each time they watch - whether it is a new idea, a new way of doing something, a new perspective on their world or even providing a fresh, new, vibrant look.

This year, the focus will be on creating viewing habits for our viewers, enabling them to organise their calendars to enjoy watching their preferred genres of documentaries. Most importantly, Al Jazeera Documentary channel will see their partnerships with respected production companies materialise and reap the benefits of their year of hard work. It will showcase commissioned documentaries as well as in-house productions. This January will feature the very first in-house production of the legendary film maker Mostafa al-Akkad, while other prominent film makers such as Mai Masri will follow later. To increase the market penetration and presence of the channel, advertising sponsorships and cross promotions within the Al Jazeera Network is also on the cards.
"A picture is worth more than a thousand words. But, the picture kept in the heart and mind of the audience by strong stories, is worth more than ten thousand words."

With so much happening, Al Jazeera Documentary hopes to continue to deliver and stick by its commitment. The support of its audiences and well-wishers are surely going to make 2008 a great year full of entertainment!

Source: Al Jazeera