After our Ramadan Special Programming Al Jazeera Documentary Channel is glad to present our EID programming and to wish a Happy EID and EID Moubarak to all its viewers.

This EID we continue our adventure around the world, to discover the most enchanting places on earth with: USHUAIA, Lost Paradise, Blue Planet and Crown of Thorns Starfish. Bringing you the most incredible images a camera has ever shot, the weirdest and rarest animals in their quotidian lives, and the most beautiful and intriguing sites on the face of this planet.

We open the Big Book of History to tell you important and decisive stories and facts about the heroes who really made a change to the course of history, their personal lives, their battles, their strategies … documentaries like Icons of Power: Peter the Great, Julius Cesar, Spartacus and Alexander are not only quality productions with modern visual effects, but also beautifully realised docu-dramas and highly informative and educative.           

This EID, Al Jazeera Documentary showcases the richness, magic and beauty of some of the world's best destinations with Historical Capitals of Turkey, Thalassa, Forbidden City and Mega Structures. Discover with us from Turkey to Japan, the wonders of civilizations, the most exceptional sites made by mankind, their outstanding monuments, handicrafts and breathtaking architectures and designs, ancient and modern ones.

Al Jazeera Documentary makes EID more entertaining by combining history with adventure and travel, bringing you an exciting variety of emotions.

With this eclectic mix of programming, we can promise you a very special EID which will be truly  happy, entertaining and educative! And once again best wishes for a EID Moubarak!