Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, the first satellite channel based in the Arab World that is focused exclusively on documentaries, broadcasts quality documentaries from the region and around the world

Our films combine innovative ideas, unique experiences and compelling images in order to explore subjects that impact our audience's lives, their families and their communities.

While it is important that we both inform and entertain our viewers, it is essential that our programming also do more. 

In addition, we aim to impart something new to our audience each time they watch – whether it is a new idea, perhaps a new way of doing something or maybe even a new perspective on their world. 

Not only will our films inform or entertain, but they will also educate, enlighten and inspire.
In order to provide our viewers with a compelling experience that rewards them each time they watch, we have focused our schedule on several key genres:


Al Jazeera Documentary Channel brings you stories of ancient civilizations, reconstructions of great historical events, profiles of famous leaders and chronicles of mankind's most celebrated achievements.

News and Current Affairs/Politics

In Al Jazeera's tradition of tackling the topics that impact the Arab World, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel will broadcast documentaries that stimulate dialogue and debate about the issues that influence our communities.


We will show documentaries that open eyes and minds and introduce the viewer to new peoples and new places, new sights and new sounds.


Al Jazeera Documentary Channel will also introduce the viewer to ideas and concepts about today's fast-paced and highly-complex modern world.  We will look at how it works, and how it effects our everyday lives.

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel has a responsibility to help the viewer's improve their lives intellectually, emotionally and physically. We will focus on showing people how to live healthier, longer and better lives.