Fault Lines

State of Denial

What does a Trump administration mean for science and environmental policy as science vs politics debates intensify?


Mind Over Battle

In Los Angeles, a former gang member, who helps others break away from violence and drug addiction, has his own battles.

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An inspiring documentary series that brings world issues into focus through compelling human stories.

Al Jazeera Correspondent

From addiction to digital devices to the search for the roots of yoga, Al Jazeera correspondents take us on their journeys of discovery.

101 East

A weekly current affairs documentary programme that focuses on Asia, its diverse cultures, and conflicting politics.

Al Jazeera World

A weekly showcase of one-hour documentary films from across the Al Jazeera Network.

People & Power

Al Jazeera’s weekly investigative documentary programme that looks at the use and abuse of power.

Fault Lines

A weekly programme examining the US and its role in the world by asking tough questions and holding the powerful to account.

Rebel Education

A six-part documentary series looking at learning models across the globe that are challenging the dominant ideas of education.

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Al Jazeera's landmark documentaries seek to engage, inform and inspire with a wide range of stories from around the world.


Independent filmmakers utilise the power of storytelling to reveal the impact of global events on local communities.

Latin America Investigates

Latin America's best investigative journalists pursue high-level investigative targets across the continent.

Innovate Africa

A series exploring how lives are being changed across the continent by home-grown innovations in science and technology.


Al Jazeera's special project profiling global health workers who take on deadly diseases that affect the poor.

Africa Investigates

African journalists risk their lives in order to reveal the truth about corruption and abuse across the continent.