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Twenty-five years on, the Chernobyl disaster has more to do with secrecy than nuclear safety, politician argues.
The leader of Ukraine's opposition says the gains of the 2004 'orange revolution' are under threat.
Yuliya Tymoshenko
After revolutions, counter-revolutions may follow. But how can the spirit of an uprising be kept up as the years pass?
Yuliya Tymoschenko
Featured on Al Jazeera
Muslim volunteers face questioning and threat of arrest, while aid has been disrupted or blocked, charities say.
Six months on, outrage and sorrow over the mass schoolgirl abduction has disappeared - except for families in Nigeria.
ISIL combatants seeking an 'exit strategy' from Mideast conflict need positive reinforcement back home, analysts say.
European nation hit by a wave of Islamophobia as many young fighters join ISIL in Syria and Iraq.
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