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Karzai says Taliban and al-Qaeda can be dealt with in partnership with Pakistan.
Former PM to lead 'last-ditch' negotiations aimed at ending the Red Mosque standoff.
Both countries agree to pursue pipeline project despite US objections.
The Afghan leader says Pakistani mining of the border will not stop Taliban attacks.
Pakistani opposition parties have united to lodge a no-confidence motion against Shaukat Aziz, the prime minister, accusing him of neglecting the poor and corruption.
Pakistan's prime minister has arrived in Washington at a time of rising tension between the two allies following a US
Pakistan's prime minister has said his country cannot accept any further attacks similar to the US missile strike that killed at leas

India and Pakistan have exchanged tough words over their failure to overcome key security differences at the end of a two-day summit of South Asian leaders in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka.

A Pakistani military helicopter flying an aid mission has crashed, killing all six people on board, and torrential downpours have delayed earthquake relief efforts in Kashmir.
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has made a surprise visit to Pakistan to offer condolences and aid to America's key ally in the "war on terror" after its devastating earthquake.
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Swathes of the British electorate continue to show discontent with all things European, including immigration.
Astronomers have captured images of primordial galaxies that helped light up the cosmos after the Big Bang.
Critics assail British photographer's portrayal of indigenous people, but he says he's highlighting their plight.
As Western stars re-release 1980s charity hit, many Africans say it's a demeaning relic that can do more harm than good.

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