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The assassination by Israel on Saturday of Hamas Gaza leader Abd al-Aziz al-Rantisi is the second major blow to the Palestinian Islamist movement in less than a month.

Arab League chief Amr Musa says members have agreed to hold a rescheduled summit after the collapse of a planned gathering in

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said that Palestinian President Yasir Arafat and Lebanese resistance chief Hasan Nasr Allah could become targets for assassination.

Protesters in cities across Iraq,

The United States has vetoed a UN Security Council resolution seeking to condemn Israel's assassination of Hamas spiritual leader, Shaikh Ahmad Yasin.

Israeli tanks have invaded a refugee camp in the occupied Gaza Strip as Hamas announced a new chief to replace Shaikh Ahmad Yasin, who was assassinated last week.

Shaikh Ahmad Yasin was born in 1936 in al-Jura, a Palestinian village that no longer exists.

Hamas has flatly denied American accusations that the resistance group has threatened US interests after the assassination by Israel of Shaikh Ahmad Yasin.

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A statement purportedly from al-Qaida published on an Islamist website has urged retaliation against the

The Palestinian government has called for a special session of the United Nations Security Council to be convened after Israel's assassination of Hamas spiritual leader Shaikh Ahmad Yasin.
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