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As Iraq is embroiled in turmoil, chances of a political settlement look increasingly slim.
We ask what really lies behind the prevailing unrest and if the president will be able to contain the sectarian anger.
Will the issuing of an arrest warrant for Iraq's vice president cause sectarian tensions to flare?
Inside Story asks if the full withdrawal of US troops scheduled to take place by the end of the year will go ahead.
We discuss why Saudi Arabia offers rival Iraqi politicians a platform to reconcile differences.
Who is responsible for the political wrangling that is hindering the formation of a government?
Is Iraq stable and able to determine its own future after the withdrawal of US troops?
With fraud accusations and bitter personal attacks, are politicians failing their people?
Millions of Iraqis turned out to vote, but we ask if the poll was truly democratic.
Inside Iraq asks: What happened to national reconciliation?
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