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In a storm over prisoner abuses, the US military has prohibited several harsh interrogation methods from being used in Iraq.

The US occupation military has re

Al-Qaida is strengthening its position in Iraq, the top US general in Baghdad has said.

The top US military occupation commander in Iraq has said there is evidence ties may be growing between al-Qaida and "Saddam Hussein loyalists" waging a bloody insurgency in the country.

The capture of Saddam Hussein in a "spider hole" near his hometown of Tikrit has capped one of the most intensive manhunts in history.

The US-led occupation in Iraq

A top US military official has admitted the number of foreign fighters resisting occupation in Iraq is very small.
The top US army commander in Iraq believes it would take more lives and a lot more time before his troops could pull out of the country.

Two anti-tank rockets have been fired into a police station in the centre of Ramadi sparking a gunbattle with attackers amid promises by occupation authorities of more troops and law enforcement officers for the shattered country.

On a visit to lawless Iraq amid tight security, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is insisting the situation in the troubled country has improved vastly.
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