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Why Arab regimes have abandoned the Palestinians in Gaza.
Where differences seem irreconcilable, the common call is 'to think outside the box'.
The search for the missing Israeli teens has turned into a military and diplomatic campaign against Hamas.
Reuven Rivlin, a staunchly right-wing member of Likud, to take over from Shimon Peres as 10th head of state.
President Shimon Peres to step down amid political bickering and widespread Israeli apathy towards the presidency.
On hearing news that Beitar Jersalem are to sign two Muslim players, some fans start anti-Arab protest during match.
The compassion shown for animals may well surpass that shown towards Israel's Arab population, says author.
Bill stirs opposition from rights groups which call it 'a direct violation of freedom of expression'.
Support for a one-state solution coming from an unlikely quarter, Ali Abunimah says.
Ali Abunimah
Senior Israeli leader says he would accept Palestinians as citizens of one country.
Featured on Al Jazeera
Your chance to be an investigative journalist in Al Jazeera’s new interactive game.
An innovative rehabilitation programme offers Danish fighters in Syria an escape route and help without prosecution.
Street tension between radical Muslims and Holland's hard right rises, as Islamic State anxiety grows.
Take an immersive look at the challenges facing the war-torn country as US troops begin their withdrawal.
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