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Pakistan's information minister has said a nuclear scientist who is at the heart of an international black market investigation gave centrifuges to

US officials say Libya paid at least $100 million to the nuclear a

Pakistan has scorned a report that Washington tolerated Islamabad's pardoning of a nuclear proliferator in order to get US troops on to Pakistani territory to hunt down Usama bin Ladin. 

The former head of Pakistan's nuclear programme Abd al-Qadir Khan sold nuclear centrifuge parts to Iran in the mid-1990s and sent enriched uranium to Libya in 2001, according to Malaysian police.
US Secretary of State Colin Powell has said he will ask Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf about the decision to pardon his top nuclear expert, who passed secrets on to Iran, Libya and North Korea.


The founder of Pakistan's nuclear programme, Abd al-Qadir Khan, has accepted full responsibility for all leaks of nuclear data and sought clemency from President Pervez Musharraf, a government statement said.
The Pakistani military's role in proliferation of nuclear secrets could come under the scanner if attempts are made to prosecute disgraced top scientist Abd al-Qadir Khan, say analysts.
The architect of Pakistan's nuclear programme has been sacked as a government adviser to facilitate a probe into the suspected sale of nuclear technology to Iran and Libya.
Pakistan has admitted that scientists involved in its atom bomb programme may have been driven by "personal ambition or greed" to export technology to Iran.
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