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The poor as a constituency are invisible in the political landscape of the United States.
Many US voters are dissatisfied with both Democrats and Republicans - but smaller parties face significant hurdles.
The NRA and many on the far right are pushing for more lenient gun laws - which could have serious consequences.
According to author, Democrats need to realise you can't use reason to fight insanity.
The US media derides views outside of the mainstream as 'un-serious', and our democracy suffers as a result.
The columnist and political analyst has been a senior advisor to three presidents.
American conservative Pat Buchanan weighs in on the future of US involvement in the Arab world.
Riz Khan
Politician Pat Buchanan and the Green party's Cynthia McKinney join the show.
Featured on Al Jazeera
Muslim volunteers face questioning and threat of arrest, while aid has been disrupted or blocked, charities say.
Six months on, outrage and sorrow over the mass schoolgirl abduction has disappeared - except for families in Nigeria.
ISIL combatants seeking an 'exit strategy' from Mideast conflict need positive reinforcement back home, analysts say.
European nation hit by a wave of Islamophobia as many young fighters join ISIL in Syria and Iraq.
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