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Tony Blair, confirmed as Britain's prime minister for a historic third term, has promised radical legislation on health, education and law and order, and said it was time to move on from divisions on Iraq that hurt his Labour Party in national elections.

British opposition Conservative leader Michael Howard has said he will resign following electoral defeat by Prime Minister Tony Blair - but only once the Conservatives

The British Home Office has denied opposition claims ahead of May's general election that immigration officers were ordered to admit people carrying suspect papers.

The Conservative party leader Michael Howard could not have picked a worse time or place to launch his flagship policy on asylum seekers.

Arthur Neslen in Burnley

The British Prime Minister has said he will resign if it is proven he lied to parliament over the David Kelly affair.

Michael Howard has won the one-horse race to become head of United Kingdom's main opposition Conservative party.
Veteran politcian and eurosceptic Michael Howard has emerged as the heir apparent in the Tory party.
Former hardline British interior minister Michael Howard has emerged as the leading contender for the leadership of Britain's opposition Conservative party.
Featured on Al Jazeera
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An innovative rehabilitation programme offers Danish fighters in Syria an escape route and help without prosecution.
Street tension between radical Muslims and Holland's hard right rises, as Islamic State anxiety grows.
Take an immersive look at the challenges facing the war-torn country as US troops begin their withdrawal.
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