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The West is guilty of the same crimes it accuses Russia of committing.
Romney agrees with many, if not all, of the major foreign policy initiatives that Obama has put forward, writes Sharma.
Romney's lifetime in predatory finance is allegedly centred on 'destroying the American dream'.
Republican candidate concedes defeat and phones Obama to congratulate him.
Al Jazeera's senior Washington correspondent discusses the race.
Joe Biden and Sarah Palin prepare for televised debate.
Al Jazeera profiles the US Republican presidential candidate.
Party scales back events as Hurricane Gustav hits the US Gulf coast.
Al Jazeera profiles the US Republican presidential candidate.
Featured on Al Jazeera
Swathes of the British electorate continue to show discontent with all things European, including immigration.
Astronomers have captured images of primordial galaxies that helped light up the cosmos after the Big Bang.
Critics assail British photographer's portrayal of indigenous people, but he says he's highlighting their plight.
As Western stars re-release 1980s charity hit, many Africans say it's a demeaning relic that can do more harm than good.

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