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Iraqi officials confirm mastermind of Margaret Hassan's murder was sprung from prison.
Man convicted of killing aid worker Margaret Hassan has reportedly escaped from jail.
Margaret Hassan was shot dead in 2004 after being held hostage for a month.
An Iraqi man has been sentenced to life imprisonment in connection with the 2004 abduction and killing of Iraqi-British aid worker Margaret Hassan, a court official says.

Friends and relatives have attended a Roman Catholic funeral mass in London for British-Iraqi hostage Margaret Hassan, believed to have been killed by her captors in Iraq.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard retracted his statement on Thursday that a body found in the Iraqi city of

An unknown group holding an Iraqi-British woman hostage in Iraq has threatened to turn her over to a group led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi if its demands are not met, Aljazeera says.

Hostage Margaret Hassan has urged Britain

Hostage Margaret Hassan has made an emotional appeal for British forces to withdraw from Iraq in a video broadcast on Aljazeera.
The Iraqi husband of kidnapped aid worker Margaret Hassan said he was cautiously optimistic she would be released quickly given her long years of service to the people of
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