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China's neighbours are growing increasingly concerned about Beijing's military manoeuvres.
The Hani ethnic minority in southern Yunnan province has missed out on the country's economic rise, but many don't mind.
Court sentences five more people to death over July's unrest in Xinjiang.
Clashes between ethnic Uighurs and Han Chinese in western China left more than 200 dead.
Campaign aims to wipe out lawlessness following July riots, state media says.
Trials of 200 suspects accused of involvement in deadly July riots to start this week.
Three men armed with knives attacked police in the city of Urumqi, state media says.
Authorities raise the death toll from the ethnic breakdown to 184.
Heavy security on streets of Xinjiang after riots leave at least 156 people dead.

They came in their thousands to hear him; monks from nearby monasteries and from far away countries; sitting on flagstones outside the two-storied temple; with prayer beads in their hands.

Benjamin Robertson in Beijing
Featured on Al Jazeera
Italy struggles to deal with growing flood of migrants willing to risk their lives to reach the nearest European shores.
Israel's Operation Protective Edge is the third major offensive on the Gaza Strip in six years.
Muslims and Arabs in the US say they face discrimination in many areas of life, 13 years after the 9/11 attacks.
At one UN site alone, approximately four children below the age of five are dying each day.
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