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Move comes as US pushes for Middle East solution before end of Bush's presidency.

The Palestinian foreign minister has walked out of a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement after a Fatah member was also asked to the talks in Malaysia.

Indonesia will give medicine and food aid to the Palestinian government to help ease shortages caused by United States and European sanctions, the country's foreign minister has said.
Hamas, which leads the Palestinian government, has refused to join a team heading to Amman this week to look into charges that its fighters smuggled arms into Jordan and were close to staging attacks.

Hamas says Amman has wrongly accused the group of arms smuggling because it is being influenced by the US to boycott the new Palestinian government.

Khaled Amayreh in the West Bank
Jordan says it has cancelled the Palestinian foreign minister's visit because members of his Hamas party have been smuggling missiles and other weapons into the kingdom.

The Palestinian foreign minister has called on Arabs to fulfil their promises of financial assistance to the Palestinian government.

A letter from the Hamas-led government referring to a "two-state solution" - a phrase implying acceptance of Israel – has become an official UN document despite a disavowal by the Palestinian foreign minister.
The Palestinian foreign minister has said he is prepared to discuss the concept of a two-state solution that would recognise Israel.
The Palestinian foreign minister has denied referring to a two-state solution to the Middle East conflict that would recognise Israel's right to exist.
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