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Survivors of the Rana Plaza collapse last year say theatre is helping them to deal with the trauma.
Upcycling in garment industry makes immediate use of discarded products, avoiding often wasteful full recycling process.
Popularity of cricket and the financial gain is drawing a lot of girls to pick up the sport in this conservative nation.
Closures of garment factories deemed unsafe leave many workers without a stable source of income.
More than a million residents of Bhola face bleak future as climate refugees as level of water wipes out villages.
Fishermen in Bangladesh say shrimp farms are flooding their fishing areas with salt and reducing their catch.
The country has become one of the biggest exporters, but pollution has cost farmers and the environment.
Casualties of election violence endure physical and financial pain as they are often their family's sole earners.
Without power and out of parliament, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party is in crisis, which its members hope to overcome.
A makeshift school run by local university students in Dhaka's slums offers new hope to disadvantaged children.
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Featured on Al Jazeera
Western fighters have streamed into the Middle East to help 'liberate' Arab countries such as Syria and Libya.
The Pakistani government is proposing reform of the nation's madrassas, which are accused of fostering terrorism.
Weaving and handicrafts are being re-taught to a younger generation of Iraqi Kurds, but not without challenges.
The author argues that in the new economy, it's people, not skills or majors, that have lost value.
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Three years since the start of the uprising, nine million people have been displaced by fighting.
An in-depth look at Egypt's ongoing political crisis.