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The US and its allies spent decades and billions to prevent the arrival of the Islamists to power, but have failed.
The PA has "very little more to offer" to Israel and the US is the deciding factor in its "survivability or demise".
The beneficiaries of post-Sadat financial success continue to sell out Egypt and the Palestinians.
Palestinian rejection of the Partition Plan was rational - it was never a traumatic event.
The concern of American government officials about Muslim tolerance of Christians is hardly a new one, writes Massad.
Washington's assumption that dictatorships breed stability has been fundamentally challenged by the past year's events.
Regardless of blame, humanity must not be distracted from the tragic reality of those who lost their lives.
The stark choice between a fascist or an imperialist course in Syria should be discarded for a third and better course.
Arabs have historically revolted every decade against rulers and the west has counter-revolted most attempts.
The Syrian people are being sacrificed at the altar of US imperialism, says author.
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Swathes of the British electorate continue to show discontent with all things European, including immigration.
Astronomers have captured images of primordial galaxies that helped light up the cosmos after the Big Bang.
Critics assail British photographer's portrayal of indigenous people, but he says he's highlighting their plight.
As Western stars re-release 1980s charity hit, many Africans say it's a demeaning relic that can do more harm than good.
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