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Vote to test ruling party's grip on power and whether the country will get EU aid.
Togo's government has described clashes ahead of next weekend's presidential elections as deliberate provocation by the opposition.
Togo’s leader Faure Gnassingbe has decided to step down as president of the West African country, bowing to massive international pressure to quit.

Togo lawmakers have revised the constitution to support a call by army-installed president Faure Gnassingbe f

West African nations have imposed sanctions including an arms embargo on Togo, as thousands of protesters took to the streets demanding the new leader step down.

Togo will hold presidential elections within 60 days, agreeing to demands from African leaders to defuse a crisis that has sparked violent protests and international outrage, a government official says.

Togo's opposition has urged t

Togo's main opposition leader Gilchrist Olympio has criticised the military government for ignoring the constitution on the death of president Gnassingbe Eyadema, which calls for free elections.
Togo President Gnassingbe Eyadema, Africa's longest-ruling leader, has died of what aides said was a heart attack, and the military immediately has named his son as his successor. 
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