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Washington rebuffs claims of under-reporting the number of civilian deaths and ignoring prisoner abuse by Iraqi forces.
General Casey says Baghdad can be secured with fewer US troops than are being sent.
Leading US general says extra US troops sent to Baghdad could leave by late summer.
US General George Casey says success of the Iraq security plan is not guaranteed.
Robert Gates nominates David Petraeus and William Fallon for senior army posts.

The US ambassador to Iraq has urged Iraqi leaders to work harder to achieve political and security goals, saying a struggle was going on between moderate and extremist forces.

Last week General George Casey, the head of US forces in Iraq, joined a long list of officials to have warned that the next six month

George Bush has dismissed talk of a US withdrawal from Iraq a

A man who claims to have witnessed the operation in which Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed says al-Qaeda in Iraq's leader was alive when he was being evacuated by some locals from the house that was destroyed by US warplanes.
Bloodshed among religious sects is a blow to the US-backed goal of a broadly representative Iraqi government, top US civilian and military officials said.
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Italy struggles to deal with growing flood of migrants willing to risk their lives to reach the nearest European shores.
Israel's Operation Protective Edge is the third major offensive on the Gaza Strip in six years.
Muslims and Arabs in the US say they face discrimination in many areas of life, 13 years after the 9/11 attacks.
At one UN site alone, approximately four children below the age of five are dying each day.
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