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Flash floods and damaging winds leave Argentina’s capital in the dark.
Latin American nation of six million has one of the highest rates of sexual violence against girls in the world.
Party of outgoing President Mujica leading in polls but no party expected to secure enough votes to win in first round.
For the first time in decades, farming in Ontario is attracting new interest and many new faces.
Steven Stamkos records eighth hat-trick of his career as Tampa Bay Lightning beat Montreal Canadiens in the NHL.
The sentences ranged from life to nine years in prison for alleged human rises violations during the 1970s and 80s.
Formula One’s four-time world champion is battling for scraps this season instead of topping the tables.
Decision angers thousands of victims of abuses committed within the country's residential school system.
Four-time Formula One world champion is set to join Ferrari next season, according to his current team.
Government deposits $170m in local bank to meet interest payments, in move designed to bypass jurisdiction of US courts.
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Swathes of the British electorate continue to show discontent with all things European, including immigration.
Astronomers have captured images of primordial galaxies that helped light up the cosmos after the Big Bang.
Critics assail British photographer's portrayal of indigenous people, but he says he's highlighting their plight.
As Western stars re-release 1980s charity hit, many Africans say it's a demeaning relic that can do more harm than good.
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