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Government says Tamil Tiger separatists are to blame for growing humanitarian crisis.
European Union leaders have endorsed a plan to channel aid to Palestinians focusing on health, power supply and support for needy families, while maintaining a funding freeze on the Hamas-led government.
The European Union has pledged to resume payments to the Palestinians as soon as possible but says a new aid mechanism needs Israeli support.

The European Union has warned it would cut funding to a new Hamas-led Palestinian government if it failed to renounce violence and recognise Israel.

The European Commission has downplayed the significance of the leaking of a report that accused Israel of seeking to prevent
The EU is "seriously concerned" by a Libyan court's acquittal of police officers accused of having tortured six foreign medics facing the death sentence in an Aids-tainted blood scandal.
The European Union has expressed hopes that China will agree to voluntarily curb a rising tide of Chinese textile exports.
The European Commission has appealed for the Lebanese parliamentary elections to go ahead as scheduled, following the resignation of Prime Minister Umar Karami's government. 

Socialist Heinz Fischer has won Austria's presidential election, defeating the country's foreign minister in a blow to the conservative government of Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel. 

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Muslim volunteers face questioning and threat of arrest, while aid has been disrupted or blocked, charities say.
Six months on, outrage and sorrow over the mass schoolgirl abduction has disappeared - except for families in Nigeria.
ISIL combatants seeking an 'exit strategy' from Mideast conflict need positive reinforcement back home, analysts say.
European nation hit by a wave of Islamophobia as many young fighters join ISIL in Syria and Iraq.
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