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Republican senate candidate Richard Mourdock has angered voters by saying rape-caused pregnancy was "God's intention".
Convention leaders forced to call voice vote three times to declare the city to be Israel's capital in party platform.
US president returns Republican challenger's apology request with two new ads criticising outsourcing and tax record.
US president argues tax cuts made by his Republican predecessor should remain, but not for wealthy Americans.
Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain says rival Rick Perry behind claims which threaten to derail his campaign.
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Muslim volunteers face questioning and threat of arrest, while aid has been disrupted or blocked, charities say.
Six months on, outrage and sorrow over the mass schoolgirl abduction has disappeared - except for families in Nigeria.
ISIL combatants seeking an 'exit strategy' from Mideast conflict need positive reinforcement back home, analysts say.
European nation hit by a wave of Islamophobia as many young fighters join ISIL in Syria and Iraq.
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