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Thousands of Palestinians have demonstrated on behalf of prisoners held by Israel and denounced their own government for failing t

No workable Palestinian state can be established as long as Israel keeps its settlements in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Quraya says.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Quraya has urged the United States to clarify its position on Israeli settlements after apparently conflicting statements were made by top US officials.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Quraya has urged the United States to show a firmer position toward Israel and stop its settlement expansion plans.
The Palestinian parliament has approved a new government after Prime Minister Ahmad Quraya bowed to lawmakers' demands, bringing in mostly new faces to replace members of Yasir Arafat's old guard.
Fatah lawmakers finally have accepted the makeup of a new Palestinian cabinet after a week of political wrangling.
Beleaguered Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Quraya's future is on the line after he shied away from a vote in parliament on his prospective cabinet which has already begun to unravel.
Palestinian prime minister Ahmad Quraya has scrapped his proposed cabinet line-up and will present a radically altered new list of ministers, officials said.
Attempts to form a new Palestinian cabinet have drawn a blank after a session of parliament was halted amid disputes over the selection of new ministers.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Quraya held an emergency meeting with leaders of the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip on a day Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian.

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