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Hassan Nasrallah says Ban Ki-moon's concern about Lebanese group's military strength "reassures and pleases us".
Five French UN soldiers wounded as an explosion hits their vehicle near the southern city of Tyre.
Security cabinet votes in favour of withdrawing troops from northern half of disputed village on border with Lebanon.
Syria, Jordan and Egypt back Beirut after border clashes, while West urges calm.
Irish soldiers hurt on same day Lebanese rockets strike Israeli town of Shlomi.

EU members are trying to establish details of the size and role of an expanded UN force in Lebanon.

France has said that it will initially provide only 200 soldiers for a new UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon, which has disappointed some UN officials who had hoped for a contribution of thousands.
Following is the text of the operative provisions of a resolution adopted on Friday.

United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan has called for the formation of a strong international force to stabilise southern Lebanon.

A Ghanaian soldier with a UN peacekeeping force in south Lebanon has been shot dead in the Naqura region on the border with Israel.

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