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Bill passes to House of Lords despite opposition in lower house from majority of ruling Conservative party members.
David Cameron faces divide as members of his own party attempt to undermine his bill to legalise gay marriage.
New political force holds radical views on immigration and wants the UK to leave EU.
We examine the global trend towards same-sex marriage and its implications on traditional family structures.
Boris Johnson beats Labour rival, but his party and Liberal Democrats suffer crushing nationwide defeat in local polls.
David Cameron blames "difficult times" facing the country for reverses suffered by Conservatives.
A Conservative win could produce a change in European politics, Mark Seddon writes.
Mark Seddon
Far-right Dutch politician screens movie denouncing Islam in House of Lords.

British TV personality Robert Kilroy-Silk has launched a new political party, promising tough action on immigration
and the European Union.

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French Jews and Muslims say recent National Front victories in mayoral races reflect rising xenophobia.
Western fighters have streamed into the Middle East to help 'liberate' Arab countries such as Syria and Libya.
The Pakistani government is proposing reform of the nation's madrassas, which are accused of fostering terrorism.
Weaving and handicrafts are being re-taught to a younger generation of Iraqi Kurds, but not without challenges.
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Three years since the start of the uprising, nine million people have been displaced by fighting.
An in-depth look at Egypt's ongoing political crisis.