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Should airports really opt for more personal screening of passengers?
Security increased at airports in Middle East and Europe with direct flights to US over concerns of a bomb attack.
Suspected shooter, still being treated in hospital, charged with murder and could face the death penalty.
Investigators search suspect's home after shooting in US airport killed unarmed federal agent.
Unlike the Pentagon, the DHS draws no attention even though the US has spent $791bn on "homeland security" since 9/11.
Reward posted as US agencies intensify search for fugitive suspected of targeting fellow officers and their families.
The TSA's scanning policies have raised questions on the boundaries of personal privacy.
Under Obama, six whistleblowers have been charged under the World War I-era Espionage Act.
US military member Trey Scott Atwater is charged for carrying explosives at airport security checkpoint in Texas.
Suspect carrying explosives in military-grade wrapping stopped at a security checkpoint at Texas airport.
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Featured on Al Jazeera
Muslim volunteers face questioning and threat of arrest, while aid has been disrupted or blocked, charities say.
Six months on, outrage and sorrow over the mass schoolgirl abduction has disappeared - except for families in Nigeria.
ISIL combatants seeking an 'exit strategy' from Mideast conflict need positive reinforcement back home, analysts say.
European nation hit by a wave of Islamophobia as many young fighters join ISIL in Syria and Iraq.
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