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Our guests examine the challenges facing Africa, a continent caught in the middle.
Washington suspends mission in Tripoli for second time in three years as rival militias battle in capital's streets.
Russia derides sanctions as ineffective, counterproductive and harmful to important shared interests.
How and why is Israel weakening Abbas, strengthening Hamas, and destroying Gaza?
The BRICS' initiatives for a democratic global order should be welcomed, but the group is still dominated by China.
Ban Ki-moon condemns killing of civilians by Israel as UN Security Council meets on Gaza.
New geopolitical realities have cleared the way for the ongoing Israeli offensive against Gaza.
Drones fuel 'blowback' and undermine core principles of American identity.
Al Jazeera's senior political analyst explains the ramifications of escalation in the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Palestinian children continue to suffer high levels of violence and intimidation from Israeli forces.
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Featured on Al Jazeera
Italy struggles to deal with growing flood of migrants willing to risk their lives to reach the nearest European shores.
Israel's Operation Protective Edge is the third major offensive on the Gaza Strip in six years.
Muslims and Arabs in the US say they face discrimination in many areas of life, 13 years after the 9/11 attacks.
At one UN site alone, approximately four children below the age of five are dying each day.
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