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The PM dies after battling an unknown illness for two months. Here is a look at his rise to power.
Freed Ethiopia's opposition leader says he was made to sign apology under duress.

At least eight people have been shot dead and 43 wounded after armed Ethiopian police fired on stone-throwing rioters in the capital amid soaring new tensions over disputed May elections.

Ethiopian opposition leader Hailu Shawel has said the government has put him and his family under house arrest, a day after it threatened to detain opposition leaders unless violence over elections stopped.

Ethiopian authorities have slapped tight surveillance on opposition leaders and residents of Addis Ababa after more than 25 people were killed in clashes between security forces and demonstrators.

Ethiopian security forces have opened fire on protesters in the capital's central business district, killing 24 people, while EU observers say some opposition politicians have been placed under house arrest.
Ethiopia's government has claimed a majority of seats in parliament after weekend voting, but acknowledged the opposition had won the capital Addis Ababa.
Ethiopians have voted in the millions, responding enthusiastically to an open parliamentary race.

Ethiopia's two largest opposition groups have accused the government of arresting hundreds of their poll monitors and threatened not to recognise election results unless they are freed.

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