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Convoy carrying families forced from their homes to Chad comes under fire from Christian anti-Balaka fighters.
Violence broke out after Christian fighters tried to halt the evacuation of Muslims from a camp near the airport.
The president of Central African Republic says the real reasons for the violence need to be addressed to bring peace.
Paris to send 400 more soldiers to the Central African Republic as concern grows over the country's increasing violence.
Prime minister says government safe and security under control after army official calls for parliament to be suspended.
What on the surface looks like sectarian violence in CAR is a much more complex and far reaching conflict.
Why France did not want to be dragged into the conflict in the Central African Republic.
Christian crowds jeer Muslims leaving Bangui as International Criminal Court says situation "gone from bad to worse".
Symbolic ceremony hails adoption of document after fractious assembly finally wrote and passed progressive constitution.
UN says 20 million people face food insecurity in the region, with five million children suffering from malnutrition.
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The author argues that in the new economy, it's people, not skills or majors, that have lost value.
Colleagues of detained Al Jazeera journalists press demands for their release, 100 days after their arrest in Egypt.
Mehdi Hasan discusses online freedoms and the potential of the web with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.
A tight race seems likely as 814 million voters elect leaders in world's largest democracy next week.

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Three years since the start of the uprising, nine million people have been displaced by fighting.
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