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Some scientists say authorities in favour of nuclear energy tend to deny the negative results of researchers.
A deadly heatwave sweeps across Japan and hospitalises hundreds.
Much remains unsettled three years later: emotions, the death count, and the future of nuclear energy in Japan.
Effects of radiation still unclear as contaminated groundwater flows into Pacific from Japan's crippled nuclear plant.
People concerned as government seeks to reopen nuclear reactors closed two years ago in wake of Fukushima disaster.
Higher radiation levels a fact of life for people living near Japan's crippled Daiichi nuclear-power plant.
Those living closest to damaged nuclear plant deal with daily uncertainty, a year on from the earthquake and tsunami.
The devastating accident in Japan was a deadly reminder that nuclear safety cannot be taken lightly.
Feeling that officials aren't doing enough, everyone, farmer to housewife, is learning about radiation contamination.
Nuclear contamination poses long-term threat to ocean ecosystem and to Japan's fishing industry.
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Six former Guantanamo detainees are now free in Uruguay with some hailing the decision to grant them asylum.
Disproportionately high number of Aboriginal people in prison highlights inequality and marginalisation, critics say.
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