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Spanish government promises EU it will press on with deficit reduction, as Spaniards continue to campaign against cuts.
Government has not said if decision is related to call by Zimbabwe's Mugabe for African leaders to boycott the event.
As superpowers switch sides on issues of secession, what is the future of the Balkans?
Some analysts say the crisis in Ukraine has become a symbol of the alliance’s need to return to its roots.
US secretary of state meets Israeli PM for second time in 12 hours in bid to extend Israeli-Palestinian talks.
Trade with the EU is worth almost $1.5bn a day and is China's main trading partner.
At the 4th EU-Africa Summit, a number of issues might push tensions high.
The West has proved to be a bad loser over Crimea and it has made matters worse for itself and its allies.
An upcoming census tracking religious and ethnic statistics could renew unrest.
Has US reaction to the Ukraine crisis come too late due to the selective righteousness of Congress?
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Featured on Al Jazeera
Western fighters have streamed into the Middle East to help 'liberate' Arab countries such as Syria and Libya.
The Pakistani government is proposing reform of the nation's madrassas, which are accused of fostering terrorism.
Weaving and handicrafts are being re-taught to a younger generation of Iraqi Kurds, but not without challenges.
The author argues that in the new economy, it's people, not skills or majors, that have lost value.
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Three years since the start of the uprising, nine million people have been displaced by fighting.
An in-depth look at Egypt's ongoing political crisis.