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11:34pm Al Jazeera reporter in Cairo say that numbers of protesters in Tahrir Square remain strong despite deadly clashes with regime-loyalists over the past 2 days.

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9:40pm Egypt at the crossroads - an interesting article by Na'eem Jeenah, executive director of the Afro-Middle East Centre, a South African-based think tank.

9:27pm The three Al Jazeera journalists that were arrested have now been released.

9:19pm William Hague, British foreign minister , speaking now on Al Jazeera. Click here to watch live:

9:07pm Two Al Jazeera reporters have been attacked by a gang of thugs in Cairo

8:56pm Save the Children, a UK based organisation, issues statement expressing "deep concern" at reports that children in Egypt have been drawn into violent attacks in recent days.

Jane Gibreel, Egypt Country Director for Save the Children, sent this audio update from Cairo.

8:31pm William Hague, British Foreign Secretary, says that interference with the internet and mobile networks and harassment of journalists in Egypt are unacceptable.

The scenes that we have witnessed over the last 24 hours are reprehensible

8:29pm At least ten people have been killed in the clashes say doctors in Tahrir Square, who are running a makeshift hospital with limited resources and supplies. Al Jazeera cannot verify these numbers.

8:14pm Shahira Amin, who resigned from her job at state-run Nile TV tells Al Jazeera:

I quit my job because I don't want to be part of the state propaganda regime, I am with the people. I feel liberated and relieved. I have quit my job and joined the people in Tahrir Square.?

8:13pm Suleiman: Mubarak is our father - Vice-president says those calling for President Mubarak to leave are not part of Egypt's culture.

8:04pm Screenshot of Al Jazeera English showing state-run Nile TV with a picture of empty streets, while thousands of protesters are still in Tahrir Square and nearby areas.


7:44pm Call to free Al Jazeera journalists - Three Al Jazeera journalists have been detained by Egyptian security forces and another is reported missing.

7:22pm Vice president Suleiman to Egyptian TV, (not naming Qatar or Al Jazeera):

I blame some sister countries that have unfriendly TV stations, which incite youth against us?.

7:00pm Vice president Suleiman speaking on Al Jazeera now - click here to watch live:

The military started to separate the two groups when they entered tahrir Square and they are now separating them.

6:53pm Tomorrow's demonstrations against the Israeli Separation Wall in the occupied West Bank villages of Bil'in, Ni'lin, Nabi Saleh and Al-Ma'sara will be in solidarity with the Egyptian people. Those demonstrations usually take place after Friday prayers.

6:50pm Keith Ellison, a US member of Congress, calls Mubarak a dictator in his latest tweet:

Mubarak's repression is revealing true colors of dictatorship. Violence. Abuse. Silencing media. Showing what Egyptians have known for yrs.

6:42pm Picture of the barricades that were set up today by pro-democracy demonstrators in Cairo. (Source)


6:40pm Clashes between Lebanese military and protesters who staged a solidarity protest in Beirut, after they tried to storm the Egyptian embassy while chanting "Mubarak must go".

6:29pm When discussing the Mubarak government's accountability, Human Rights Watch spokesman Joe Stork tells Al Jazeera: "I wouldn't focus so much on the army per se - but on the responsibility of the government...It's not clear that when the military forces fired [earlier today] they were firing at the protesters. They may have been firing to provide cover. The army's role has been very ambiguous and very passive but reflects the criminal negligence of the government." 

6:24pm An Al Jazeera correspondent just Tweeted: Small clash breaking out on 6th of October bridge a handful of pro-Mubarak thugs are throwing rocks. #jan25 #egypt

6:22pm We're seeing wire reports of significant anti-Mubarak demonstrations at the Egyptian embassy in Beirut late this afternoon. More than 100 protesters clashed with Lebanese police after trying to break through a security cordon and enter the building. No arrests or injuries were reported, but police were using batons and rifle butts to push away the crowds. Army troops were then brought in to reinforce the police lines. Many of the protesters were holding up portraits of the late Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser.

6:16pm One of Al Jazeera's correspondents near Tahrir Square says:

People are hurling petrol bombs down at the crowds below, and you can see small fires breaking out...It's difficult to determine who is who and which supporters belong to which group. We were also hearing a string of gunshots and seeing flares fired into the air - we assume by the military. 

6:11pm Egypt's Health Ministry says that 13 people were killed and 1,200 injured in last night's clashes between pro- and anti-government demonstrators.

6:00pm Video on YouTube that shows a police vehicle running over a group of protesters. Al Jazeera cannot verify the authenticity of the video.

5:56pm A Greek journalist was stabbed while covering the events in Tahrir Square.

5:51pm Hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy protesters continue to defy the curfew in Alexandri and are calling for Mubarak to step down. People are chanting: "Erhal, Erhal" ("Leave, Leave"). There are a mixture of people, men, woman old and young in the crowd.

5:42pm Al Jazeera continues to bring you the latest from Cairo, Alexandria and the rest of Egypt. To watch live, please visit


5:38pm Video shot by Al Jazeera online producer when pro-democracy protesters completely broke through the Mubarak loyalists. However, the regime loyalists have now regained their position as night fell.

5:32pm Al Jazeera shows dramatic picture of a police vehicle running over protesters.

5:31pm Omar Suleiman, the Egyptian vice president, has said that president Mubarak and his son Gamal will not run for presidency.

5:30pm Video clip from Al Jazeera English showing the latest violence in the battle for Egypt.

5:24pm Egypt bans ex-ministers from travel - Three former ministers and a prominent businessman also have their bank accounts frozen.

5:19pm Media in the line of fire in Egypt - Al Jazeera's online producer reports on how domestic and foreign journalists have come under siege amid the turmoil in Egypt. 

5:16pm Egypt's Central Bank has imposed restrictions on the amount of cash that people are allowed to withdraw.

5:12pm Three Al Jazeera journalists have been arrested. Many others are in their hotel and say that there is a strong military presence outside.

5:08pm A few pro-democracy protesters have been injured by shooting in Tahrir Square. Still not clear who fired. More updates to follow.

4:57pm Omar Suleiman, the Egyptian vice-president says that they "will release all the detainees that have not committed any act of violence". He also says that "the whole constitution is subject to change".

4:30pm Al Jazeera correspondents report that clashes continue between pro-democracy protesters and the Mubarak loyalists who are reported to have continuously instigated confrontations.


4:15pm Group of 'thugs' just crashed through a phalanx of pro-democracy supporters shielding behind sheet metal on 6th of October bridge - soon after prime ministers promises that violence will not be repeated. No sign of army still.

4:10pm Ahmad Shafiq, the Egyptian prime minister, apologized, and vowed that violence will not be repeated on the streets of Egypt. Says an investigation will be launched into the violence, but calls for Mubarak to step down are "unacceptable".

4:06pm The tanks that were guarding the over-pass are now gone and most of the soldiers have pulled back from the battle lines. Tense stand off now between pro-democracy protesters and the Mubarak loyalists.

3:59pm Pro-democracy protesters have pushed forward their barricades about 20 metres and have taken over the 6th of October bridge and are moving towards Ramsey street.

3:45pm The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, said that security forces went into two human rights groups, Hisham Mubarak and the Egyptian center for social and economic rights, detained their employees and arrested two employees at the one organisation.

3:38pm Al Jazeera's web producer took this video an hour ago - it shows army firing in the air to prevent pro-democracy protesters from moving forward.

3:27pm Egyptian PM live on Al Jazeera now - visit out Facebook page to watch live stream:

3:25pm PJ Crowley, US Assistant Secretary of State, tweets that there is a campaign against journalists:

There is a concerted campaign to intimidate international journalists in #Cairo and interfere with their reporting. We condemn such actions.

3:21pm Video taken last night in Tahrir Square by Al Jazeera's web producer:

3:12pm Security forces order all journalist and reporters in and around Tahrir Square, as well as hotels overlooking it, to leave the area now.

3:00pm Man with camera who was wearing a blue "PRESS" vest just being beaten on the street. The army had to step in and fire shots in the air to disperse the crowd, and the man was led away.

2:42pm Two Al Jazeera reporters have just been attacked on their way from airport to central Cairo - more updates soon.

2:38pm Shahira Amin resigned from Nile TV because of their coverage of the protests - she spoke live to Al Jazeera. She was the deputy head of the station.

2:12 pm Some fifty people are wounded in clashes near Tahrir square, our correspondent reports. 

2:04 pm According to an eye witness in Abdelmonaem Ryad square next to Tharir square Mubarak loyalists are preparing firebombs to attack protesters in the area. one of our correspondents saw one person carrying a whole box of them and making his way towards that area. He was apprehended by people and delivered to the army.

1:55 pm The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates Egypt's internet clampdown cost economy $90 million over five days.

1:44 pm The army has cleared the pro-Mubarak crowd off of the overpass overlooking the pro-democracy barricades.

1:36 pm The Egyptian army has pushed supporters of president Mubarak away from pro-democracy protesters, continuing its drive to separate the opposing camps who have clashed in central Cairo.

1:22 pm Inspired by Egypt and Tunisia, thousands of opponents of Yemen's government and its supporters are demonstrating in the capital and other cities a day after Yemen's president pledged not to seek another term in office.


1:17 pm Supporters and opponents of president Mubarak are pelting each other with rocks near Tahrir square. A witness said the violence, the worst since daybreak, is taking place in a side street leading to the square. 

Members of the pro-democracy protest camp are carrying sacks of rocks to the front line to repel the Mubarak loyalists. The violence erupted when men claiming loyalty to Mubarak marched on the pro-democracy demonstrators in an effort to break up their protest camp.

1:10 pm A massive demonstration in the Egyptian city of Mansoura calls for Mubarak to step down, a Al Jazeera correspondent reports.


1:04 pm The latest from one of our web producers at Tahrir square: 

The army has formed a human chain in front of the pro-democracy barricades -- keeping the pro-Mubarak group away. Nobody can leave the square from the south, west or east, because on the other side is the pro-Mubarak group -- many of them carrying weapons -- they occasionally run towards the barricades, obviously trying to threaten the people on the other side.

Aside from the human chain, the army has a slightly more visible presence than it did earlier this morning -- a few soldiers on the streets -- though they're still quite outnumbered.

Still no sign of organized pro-Mubarak gangs heading toward Tahrir, just small groups of young men.

12:29 pm Catherine Ashton, EU foreign policy chief, called on the Egyptian army to protect people, Reuters reported.

I have made clear that it is the responsibility of the army and law enforcement to protect its citizens.

12:22 pm Twenty-two Hezbollah detainees that were convicted of plotting attacks against ships in the Suez Canal and Egyptian tourist sites, were able to escape from their jail in Egypt, Al Rai newspaper reports.

12:05 pm Egypt's finance minister says the loss on Egypt's stock exchange following the crisis now exceeds the one during credit crunch.

12:00 pm Prominent pro-democracy activist Mohamed ElBaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood rejected a call by the prime minister for talks saying president Mubarak must leave office first. Prime minister Ahmed Shafiq invited opposition groups to talks. Some groups have agreed, including the liberal, nationalist Wafd party, which is a legal party. The Brotherhood is banned.

11:39 am Egypt's cabinet denies that it had a role in mobilising Mubarak loyalists against pro-democracy protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square and said it would investigate those behind violence. Cabinet spokesman Magdy Rady said:

To accuse the government of mobilising this is a real fiction. That would defeat our object of restoring the calm. We were surprised with all these actions.

11:35 am Egyptian soldiers separated pro-democracy supporters and Mubarak loyalists in central Cairo, deploying infantry to create a buffer zone in an attempt to halt violence between them.

A Reuters journalist at the scene says the opposing camps are separated by a distance of some 80 metres. It is the first time the army acts decisively to halt the violence.

11:21 am A first-hand account from the blogger Sandmonkey:

This protest is not one made or sustained by the Muslim Brotherhood it's one that had people from all social classes and religious background in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood only showed up on Tuesday, and even then they were not the majority of people there by a long shot.

11:19 am The latest from one of our web producers on Tahrir square: 

Talked with several soldiers manning barricades around Tahrir Square -- said they have orders not to allow anyone else in, and to separate the pro-Mubarak and pro-democracy groups.

11:05 am In Yemen, tens of thousands of people square off in street protests for and against the government in an opposition-led "Day of Rage". The protests come a day after Yemen's president Ali Abdullah Saleh offered to step down in 2013. By early morning, anti-government activists drew more than 20,000 in Sanaa, the capital. 

10:58 am Egypt's vice president Omar Suleiman held dialogue with the country's political parties and national forces.
10:37 am Comments many thought unthinkable at the time seem to have come true. This is a Amnesty International statement from 19 April 2010:

Amnesty International on Monday condemned comments by an Egyptian MP and member of the ruling party who urged the police to shoot protesters that have been calling for political reform over the last several weeks.

10:30 am Al Jazeera footage from Tahrir square overnight:

10:22 am Reports from doctors on ground in Tahrir square say seven people were killed overnight, our correspondent says.

10:15 am Demonstrators in Tahrir Square in central Cairo are seen beating and scuffling with opposing protesters as clashes between pro- and anti-Mubarak crowds continue into their second day.

10:13 am Robert Fisk: Blood and fear in Cairo's streets as Mubarak's men crack down on protests

10:11 am Sixty-two Egyptian human rights organisations warned against internal violence in Egypt due president Mubarak’s insistence to stay in office.

The organisations said in a statement that they suspected the seriousness of what was announced by Mubarak’s decisions because they coincided with the attack on demonstrators in Tahrir Square. 

9: 44 am No negotiation will be held with any member of Mubarak’s regime unless Mubarak leaves, Egypt's Kifaya (Enough) opposition movement, told Al Jazeera.

9: 43 am Hamdy Kandil, spokesperson for the Egyptian National Association for Change led by ElBaradei, has told Al Jazeera that Mubarak will be personally responsible if another "massacre" takes place in Tahrir Square.

9:36 am Anti-government protesters say they were more determined than ever to topple president Mubarak after supporters loyal to him charged Tahrir Square last night, sparking violence that killed five people.

Hundreds of people have camped in Tahrir Square overnight despite the violence. Many protesters guarded barricades around the square against pro-Mubarak loyalists.

9:33 am The Egyptian Movement for Change calls on the army to protect innocent protesters.

9:06 am Anti-Mubarak crowds have changed their chant, now saying: We want the murderer Mubarak to be hanged or tried.

9:04 am
 Pro-Mubarak crowds are planning to go back to Tahrir square in larger numbers today, one of our web producers reports from Cairo.

8:55 am Egypt's health minister, Ahmed Samih Farid confirms five people were killed in violence in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Most of the casualties were the result of stone throwing and attacks with metal rods and sticks. At dawn today there were gunshots. The real casualties taken to hospital were 836, of which 86 are still in hospital and there are five dead


8:42 am Egyptian state TV says five people were killed and more than 800 wounded overnight in Tahrir square.

8:35 am Anti-government activist Alaa Abdel Fattah in Cairo tells Al Jazeera: 

don't know what comes next, but if we are willing to die for it, I don't think we can be defeated.

8:08 am Anti-government protesters and supporters of president Mubarak continue to throw stones at each other as the sun rises above Cairo.

8:02 am According to Foreign Policy magazine, Al Jazeera "is seizing the message away from the bland propaganda of Arab autocrats".

7:46am The US State Department revised its warning to US nationals in Egypt: 

REVISION: US citizens WISHING to depart Egypt on USG flight should proceed to airport asap AFTER the morning end of curfew.

7:37 am Hundreds of anti-government protesters are making their way  to Tahrir Square for the 10th day of demonstrations against president Mubarak.

7:29 am Egyptian military units are detaining some protestors at Abdel Munim Riyad square in Cairo. Not clear what side the protestors come from.

7:24 am Check this out. Human rights activist Ramy Raoof is providing regular video updates from Cairo with his phone camera via the website

7:15 am The US calls on its nationals in Egypt to leave the country. 

6:42 am  The standoff on Tahrir Square continues, as five people are reported dead.

6:05 am Live pictures are coming in on AJE of people hurling Molotov cocktails from a flyover near Tahrir square. 


6:03 am The latest update from one of our web producers at Tahrir Square:

I saw one wounded protester being treated by doctors and then taken away to the ambulances. The doctor who had been working on him told me that the man had been shot in the head but still had a pulse and might survive. There was a puddle of blood on the concrete beneath the man. The doctor said the gunfire came from pro-Mubarak protesters, not from army. I saw second wounded protester also being treated for a gunshot wound, he looked unresponsive. One protester told me six people had died today, however another doctor in the square told me four had died.

5:52 am Phones not working well, internet still down in large parts of Egypt, our correspondent in Tahrir square says. 

5:48 am People are doing fajr prayer in Tahrir square now. 

5:35 am  At least four people have been killed in violence against anti-government protesters, Al Arabiya quoted a medical source at the scene.

5:14 am Ambulances are moving toward the bridge amid gunfire.

5:06 am Our correspondent says that anti-government protesters on the bridge seem to be running from gunfire. The AFP news service reports that a second protester has been shot and killed. 

4:52 am Tanks andarmoured vehicles are pulling out of Tahrir Square, and one of our Web producer reports that two anti-Mubarak protesters are carried away, one shot in the head.

4:48 am  AJE correspondents report that anti-government protesters have chased Mubarak supporters off the October 6 Bridge.  

4:45 am Ramy Raoof, an anti-Mubarak activist at Tahrir Square, tells Al Jazeera that anti-government protesters are guarding all the entrances of the square as they are anticipating another attack from pro-Mubarak forces.

4:23 am Reuters reports that one protester has been killed. Our correspondent reports that the tank on the bridge has positioned itself is in the direction of the gunfire, toward where the anti-government protesters are, at a smaller square near Tahrir Square.

4:20 am Gunfire ricocheting off the October 6 bridge, with a tank moving toward where anti-government protesters are. 

4:16 am AJE Web producer reports that there is automatic heavy caliber gunfire at Tahrir Square, which is probably the army trying to keep people at bay. "So much gunfire," he says. There are reports of seven people being wounded.

4:01 am Mubarak supporters take down a poster of the Egyptian president rather than risk having it burned by anti-government protesters, who were lobbing petrol bombs at it earlier.

3:46 am Skirmishes continue, with rocks and Molotov cocktails being fired off between anti-government protesters and Mubarak's supporters. 

3:15 am Anti-government protesters are collecting rocks at a couple of the entrances to Tahrir Square in preparation to an attack. One of our Web producers reports that almost everyone in the square seems injured, is bandaged and limping. The mood there is "pretty fatalistic" with the anti-government protesters certain that the pro-Mubarak forces are "there to eliminate them".

3:01 am Al Jazeera's correspondent and Web producer report: Heavy police presence at the national museum, with anti-government protesters banging on metal railings and rocks raining down. Pro-Mubarak protesters have an "endless supply of molotov cocktails" that they're tossing at the anti-government demonstrators. 

2:26 am   AJE Web producer reports that tension is rising at Kasr al Nil (bridge) entrance to Tahrir Square, saying "They expect an attack here."

2:03 am The fire at the residential building seems to have subsided.

1:47 am  Al Jazeera correspondent, reporting from just off Tahrir Square reports that dozens of Mubarak supporters have erected a barricades on either side of a road, trapping anti-government protesters. They are also gathering stones, breaking streetlights and putting on  balaclavas, covering their faces, apparently in preparation for a fresh standoff with anti-government protesters. Sources tell our correspondent that the men preparing for the standoff are police officers.

1:35 am Despite fires both at Tahrir Square and at a residential building, an AJE correspondent reports that there is no military intervention and there are no fire trucks on the scene.

1:17 am There are several cars on fire at Tahrir Square

1:01 am Pro-Mubarak supporters retreat to an overpass, where they are tossing petrol bombs at the crowd below. The army is not doing anything to intervene.

12:51 am A standoff is taking place in front of Egypt's national museum, where rocks and petrol bombs are flying.[ibimage==4852==FeaturedImagePost==none==self==null]

12:45 am AJE Web producer, reporting from Tahrir Square says large caliber shots are being fired by the Egyptian army. It seems that they're "shooting in the air.'

12:15 am Mustafa Hussein, a physician working in a makeshift hospital set up near Tahrir Square, tells Al Jazeera that the square is "in less chaos" and that the hospital is flooded with calls offering supplies. He also said that many of the injuries he saw today were head injuries as a result of protesters being pelted by rocks.

12:10 am AJE Web producer, reporting from Tahrir Square, reports no police presence at this point, and says that the anti-government protesters outnumbered the pro-Mubarak supporters.

12:00 am Live blogging continues from our headquarters in Doha.