One year under Trump

Strange and surreal: One year covering Donald Trump

Al Jazeera's Senior White House Producer Chris Sheridan shares his reflections on a year in the Trump White House.


A Russia-trained paramilitary force in Bosnia?

Reported paramilitary force was put together by the president of Republika Srpska, and could be another example of Moscow's meddling in the Balkans.

Pope Francis

Why are Chileans protesting the pope's visit?

Chile has suffered some of the worst cases of ecclesiastic sex abuse in the region, and the Catholic Church is paying the price.


Olympic torch stops in Seoul in advance of Winter Games

Despite landmark talks between North and South Korean officials, and and an elaborate torch relay in Seoul, many Koreans have still expressed a lackluster interest in the games.


Leaks reveal workings of Egypt's most powerful force

Recordings of phone calls show how public figures are told by intelligence officers what to say on TV.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Why does Israel fear the BDS movement so much?

The growing boycott, divest, and sanction effort around the world continues to resist international pressure from Israel.