Buenos Aires is in mourning. People are crying on the streets, sad faces almost everywhere. Argentina lost against  an extraordinary team.

This country fell in love with the team that Maradona put in place: Messi, Tevez et al. People felt the players close to them. They felt their agonies and celebrated their goals.

Argentinians liked  Maradona's attitude. He was reserved, calm and, in many ways, a side of Maradona that we had never seen before.

Maradona - the man who kissed the players after each game, who gave everyone an opportunity, that motivated them, that cheered for them.

And that's the feeling on Argentina's streets - people are sad but proud.

We will have to see what happens to Maradona now, whether he will remain as the coach or he will go. Even though the international media is already talking about his downfall.

We Argentinians say, thank you, Diego. We saw a beautiful team play. Maybe we will be more lucky next time.