In Cote d'Ivoire, French troops round up their nationals desperate to flee the chaos and carnage happening in the country.

Their armoured vehicles swoop into an area, rescue families and leave behind desperately scared Ivorians.

Rescued French nationals are kept safe at the French military base.

Conditions are not what many of them are used to, but I can guarantee it's better than the millions hiding in their homes right at the heart of the fighting.

I understand it may not be the responsibility of France to look after Ivorians or other African nationals - but what is Africa doing to help?

Dialogue clearly didn't work.

So why aren't we over here helping innocent civilians? Many people are still trapped in their homes afraid to leave the city because it's too dangerous.

Imagine some kind of joint African operation sweeping in to save the day for their 'people' like the French seem to be doing?

Many African leaders were quick to condemn last year's election but that's about it.

Now that people are dying, is the continent going to just sit back and watch the carnage unfold in front of their eyes?

Next time it could be your country that goes up in flames.