'Heartbreaking scenes all over': Inside a Rohingya camp

Thousands live in poor conditions near UN camps as aid agencies struggle to cope with the influx of refugees.


Why are New Zealand's waters so polluted?

New Zealand's abundant rivers have been central to its reputation as a land of natural beauty – but are its waterways as sparkling as the tourist ads suggest?

Human Rights

Mongolia: Training with a child jockey

A glimpse into the reality of life in the Mongolian steppes as herder Billy and his five-year-old son Babu prepare for the Naadam festival horse races.


'The magnificent, troubling sight' of Hurricane Harvey

As tropical storm unleashes catastrophic floods, Houston residents and visitors are stranded in homes and hotels.

United States

Spectacular solar show eclipsed all expectations

No words - or pictures - can accurately describe this week's solar eclipse that more than a million flocked to watch.


Under-reported: Sierra Leone's overflowing morgues

More than 500 people were killed and 2,000 became homeless in one of Africa's worst disasters in living memory.