War & Conflict

Marawi: A scarred city of Philippines

Al Jazeera's Jamela Alindogan writes about her journey when covering the battle for control of Marawi.


Five things to know about Trump's European tour

What to expect during the US president's second foreign trip to Europe this week.

Middle East

'I returned to Baghdad a year after the Karada bombing'

Twelve months ago, a powerful blast ripped through the heart of Baghdad killing more than 300 people.

Middle East

'We don't need Saudi products!': Doha's grocery rejects

Products from states that have cut ties with Qatar are spoiling on shelves as Qataris choose new imports instead.

Middle East

Turkey's mission to boost its air and missile defence

The NATO member is turning to Russia to strengthen its defensive strategic military capabilities.

Business & Economy

Far from US media glare, coal makes a comeback

Long-term effect on climate hard to visualise in coal country where new mines are bringing new jobs.