Russian jets conduct military scrambles on Ukrainian border after Ukraine kills separatists while taking Slovyansk.
Airstrikes kill at least 30, as Assad government nearly finishes surrender of its chemical weapons stockpile.
Statement condemns Russia's hand in Ukraine unrest, with Kerry criticising Moscow for ignoring international agreement.
FIFA unsure of seat numbers for World Cup, even though Brazil has had seven years to prepare for the event.
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Lifelines24 Apr 2014 20:10 GMT
How can health workers rid the world of a disease that kills a child every minute?
People & Power24 Apr 2014 10:44 GMT
People & Power investigates why Bulgarians have been protesting against corruption in the heart of government.
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Three years since the start of the uprising, nine million people have been displaced by fighting.
An in-depth look at Egypt's ongoing political crisis.