Asmaa Hamad 

I was with the march, seeking to know the latest about those captured... and if we could free them.

The [Israeli] tank was about five metres away, then they started shooting without any warning.

Where is my injury? In my leg. From bullets.

Elham Hamad

Yesterday [Thursday] the Jews spoke on the horn [loudspeaker] and collected all the youths.

"We were confronted by a tank and we raised a white flag... without any warning they started shooting at us"

Elham Hamad, Palestinian woman marcher

They alleged [they would] bring them back, but they never showed up.

They captured more than 2,000 young men.

At five this morning, we gathered to find out what happened to the captured men.

I have young men captured and so do my neighbours.

[We were] more than 30 or 40 women, we marched for about 40 metres away from our homes.

We were confronted by a tank and we raised a white flag.

Without any warning... they started shooting at us.

Women ran away. A number of women, including me, fell injured and we remained for a long time without any aid or ambulance.

We lay for three hours and we were all bleeding.