Democracy is helpless if the information provided by media conceals a pre-determined point of view.
Clifford Dillmann, USA


This editorial overlooks the difference between a militia attacking and being attacked in return by a sovereign state and the right of states to defend themselves. 


This wasn't the Lebanese army defending itself from Israel. Hezbollah directly created the destruction of the very resources Lebanon has been trying to rebuild.

Tom, USA


I think there is a big difference between journalism and propaganda.
Herb Hanko, Canada

It's so frustrating to watch News channels here in the United States (of Israel).

It's as though there is an understanding that all journalists must zero-out their journalistic morality at "Jewish Semitism"; they must never hint at a minuscule detail which might come close to suggesting criticism of Israel or its penchant for inhumanity.

Daniel A, USA


Something most US voters should read.
Jim Brumm, USA


I see it as working off a false presumption to draw an analogy between "Iranian and Syrian-backed Hezbollah" and "US-backed Israel".

It is not unreasonable for the US media to explain who backs Hezbollah; after all, it is a non-state.  It is a military-political organisation that happens to dedicate a large majority of its energy to the destruction of an internationally recognised state.

Ted D, USA

Here is the basic difference for reporting. Iran is shipping weapons to terrorists, the US to a recognised state. Not too difficult to figure out.
Mark Woolley, USA