Domenech hails Zidane

France coach Raymond Domenech has sung the praises of star midfielder Zinedine Zidane after the retiring maestro fired his team into their second World Cup final in eight years.

    "See you in Berlin"

    "Zidane is a world champion, his photograph adorns a wall in  Marseille, he's a true star, a true star in the sense that he brings something to this team and enables the French public to go on dreaming," declared Domenech.
    "But it's been that way for years."
    "This game really is his last, people were talking about other games here could be his final one, now it's actually arrived," the 54 year old added.
    "But for me I'm not regarding it as Zidane's last match.
    "For me it's the World Cup final, and he regards it like that as well, he doesn't see it as his swansong.
    "It's the World Cup final, and even better... it's against Italy.
    "We shouldn't mix things up, he would agree with that - he's proved that throughout this whole competition."

    Domenech has seen the French fans turn his status from villain to hero in just a few short matches.

    Most were jeering him when the side were limping through the group stages, but now they are set to idolise the Catalan born coach.

    The coach though is gaining satisfaction from his side’s achievements.

    "For me there have been two exploits at this World Cup. Ours, in beating Brazil, and Italy's in beating Germany in Dortmund. That was an exploit accomplished with style, bravo I say, I take my hat off to them," he said.

    "Now we have a date together - July 9, at eight o'clock (1800 GMT)."



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