Egypt police kill three Sinai suspects

Egyptian security forces have killed three men wanted in connection with a spate of deadly attacks in the Sinai peninsula over the last two years, security sources say.

    Three blasts in Dahab killed 20 people on April 24

    "Three men wanted for the Sinai bombings were killed Friday evening," in northern Sinai, the source said on condition of anonymity.
    Two of the men, Atwan al-Swerki and Radi al-Swerki were the brothers of Atallah al-Swerki who is believed to have carried out the Dahab attacks, the source said.
    The third man to die has not yet been identified.
    The three had been hiding in farms in northern Sinai when police got a tip-off and surrounded the area for hours.
    "(The suspects) started to shoot, and police returned fire killing all three instantly," the source said.
    Twenty people were killed, including several foreigners, on April 24, when three suicide bombings ripped through the popular Red Sea resort of Dahab during a peak holiday season.
    About 70 people were also killed in multiple bombings against the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in July last year and another 34 people died in attacks further up the Red Sea coast in October 2004.
    The interior ministry has blamed the string of attacks on an Islamic militant group called Tawhid wal Jihad (Unification and Holy War).



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