March 2006

Triple bombings kill 23 worshippers and injure 68 others at ancient temple and crowded railway station in Varanasi, India's most important Hindu pilgrimage city.

October 2005

Three explosions go off in Delhi, two of them in crowded marketplaces, before major Hindu and Muslim religious festivals, killing at least 66 people and wounded 210 others.

August 2004

A bomb explodes in northeastern Assam state, killing 16 people, mostly schoolchildren, and wounding dozens.

August 2003

Two almost simultaneous car bombs kill about 60 people in the financial and entertainment capital Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay.

May 2002

Armed men attack an army camp near Kashmir's winter capital, Jammu, killing more than 30 people, including the wives and children of several soldiers.

September 2002

Men with guns and explosives attack the Akshardham Hindu temple in the western state of Gujarat, killing 31 and wounding more than 80.

October 2001

Fighters storm the Jammu and Kashmir state assembly complex, killing about 35.

December 2001

More than a dozen people, including five armed men, die in an attack on the national parliament complex in New Delhi.