Qin Gang said on Tuesday that China and Russia had common ideas on a resolution to the Iranian issue.

"China and Russia have common views on how to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue," Qin told a regular news conference. "We call on all parties concerned to step up their negotiations and demonstrate flexibility.

"Our objectives are to solve the issue in a peaceful way through negotiations."

Moscow has offered to enrich uranium for Iran to guard against any diversion of fuel for bombs, but talks have stumbled on Tehran's insistence on doing some enrichment at home.
"Under current circumstances, Russia's proposal is a helpful way to break the impasse," Qin said.

Deflecting Western moves

Moscow and Beijing have deflected Western moves to authorise UN Security Council threats against Iran and urged a diplomatic solution.

"Our objectives are to solve the issue in a peaceful way through negotiations"

Qin Gang, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman

Russia and China are wary of action by the Security Council, which can impose sanctions, fearing threats might escalate and prompt Iran to cut all contact with the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.
Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is visiting Beijing for talks with Chinese leaders who have signalled their frustration at a lack of progress in increasing Russian oil and gas imports.
But the two sides were also expected to discuss Iran's nuclear plans, which Washington and its allies say are tilted eventually to making atomic weapons.