The fight for Iraq

A cry for help
Amid the debate on whether civil war has actually broken out in Iraq, for millions of Iraqis life is terribly dangerous.

US unease grows
After three years in Iraq, and an escalating death toll, the US public is growing impatient and calling for troops to come home.

Pentagon's blind eye to deserters
The US government’s battle for hearts and minds on the home front.

Journalists in the firing line
The war in Iraq has proved to be the deadliest for journalists since World War II, media advocacy group Reporters Without Borders.

Militias: The wildcards of war
A look at the groups behind the growing number of attacks on US forces and Iraqi civilians.

Iraqis escape ruined country
Tens of thousands leave the war-torn country in search of security and a better life.

Blogging Iraq
The coming of age of the Iraqi blogosphere.

Political deadlock
The US occupation and political meddling has left Iraq in a state of chaotic deadlock, a leading analyst says.


Comments from readers on the invasion and its aftermath.
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'Waiting in a queue for death'
Iraqis speak out three years after the invasion.


Timeline: 3 years of conflict
Key events beginning with the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Iraq by numbers
Comparing Iraq before the invasion and three years on.

Newsfile: 3 years on

Blair: Western values at stake in Iraq (27 March 2006)
Iraq and Afghanistan are decisive battlegrounds for values the West believes in, so the West must get involved, the British prime minister has said.

Bush defends Iraq record (21 March 2006)

Worldwide rallies mark Iraq invasion (18 March 2006)

US launches air offensive (17 March 2006)

Parliament meets in deadlock (16 March 2006)

US 'may want to keep Iraq bases' (15 March 2006)