I believe Bush was unsuccessful and he is still living with that thought that he has to show everyone that he has "power".


I hope people supporting him in playing his cruel game will soon understand that they just have been involved in a stupid game of war.

Gigi, Czech Republic


The Chinese said: "Be careful what you wish for."


Bush was advocating the spreading of democracy throughout the Middle East.


Since Hamas came to power, when last did you hear Bush use his favourite phrase "spreading democracy throughout the Middle East"?

Ras Natty Bongo, US


I will make this short and sweet: Fact is, this world would be much better off without Islam in it. That is where the problem lies.

Mikel, Australia


To borrow from Rush: Al-Qaida was in Afghanistan, al-Qaida was in Saudi Arabia, they were in Iran, they were even in Florida ... but somehow, SOMEHOW, they were never in Iraq.

Billy, US


The US must revert to its pre WW1 and WW2 isolationist foreign policy. Stay completely out of the internal affairs of other countries. This is a proven formula for world peace.


If there are any problems let the French and Germans sort it out. They are good at that kind of thing.

Michael O'Connor, Australia


Many people like this author want to take their shots at George Bush, but he has been unrelenting in his defence of America and her freedoms.


He does not bend to outside pressures or public opinion polls and he has the support of millions of Americans. Thank God.

Tony Michael, US


Too many Americans do not take seriously the damage our leader's actions are causing worldwide. Only now that conditions in Iraq have worsened, have we started to have people opposing the war. 


Most Americans only want to support a war they feel they can "win". What many have failed to see is that this war was a failure from the beginning.


Since the "war on terror" started, we have been taking the rights, happiness, and lives of thousands of people. Our leader insists we are spreading freedom, while protecting ourselves from "extremist" ideologies. 


In truth we have leaders of hypocrisy on the world stage. We are a sad example of what freedom stands for.


As an American, I do not feel at all safe with George Bush as president, and neither should the rest of the world.

Nicholas Sieler, US